Serve Rhode Island's Agency Membership Program

Serve Rhode Island invites your organization to become a part of our Agency Membership Program. A monetary membership fee will entitled your organization to the following benefits:

  1. Online website database postings for your volunteer opportunities
  2. Truist software to manage your volunteer program
  3. Participation in annual planning workshops for building volunteerism in RI
  4. Featured listing on volunteer opportunities on our website
  5. Promotion of your volunteer opportunities in the Providence Journal
  6. Discounts on SRI’s professional development workshops
  7. Free individual membership to Volunteer Managers Association of Rhode Island (VMARI)
  8. Nomination of 1 to 2 volunteers for state recognition at SRI’s annual VolunCheers event on April 13.
Serve Rhode Island's membership fee is $175 per year. This fee enables Serve Rhode Island to continue to provide quality promotion, volunteer recruitment services, and volunteer services for all of the valuable non-profit organizations across the state.

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