Serve Rhode Island Recruites 200 Volunteers for Disaster Preparedness Drill


Contact: Jes Matta
(401) 331-2298 ext. 112

On Saturday, September 18th beginning at 9:00am over 250 volunteers will assemble to play the role of “victim,” and mask themselves in moulage—make-up used to simulate topical injuries. Using red food dye and Karo syrup victims will appear wounded and in urgent need of care.

Serve Rhode Island’s Disaster Volunteer Coordinator, Jes Matta, has recruited over 250 volunteers to provide the key human element to this preparedness exercise. Volunteers from across the state responded readily to Matta’s call for volunteers.

“Willingness of volunteers to take action, even in preparedness drills, provides Serve Rhode Island’s Disaster Services Team with the piece of mind that individuals will be ready to step up in the event of an actual crisis. Developing our relationship with disaster volunteers through these types of drills as well as volunteer trainings and certifications ensures a knowledgeable and prepared service group,” said Matta.

The event will be an orchestrated as if there had been an actual accident involving two aircrafts located on a taxiway at T.F. Green Airport. More 300 people, and over 25 including: the FAA, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the RI Army National Guard, RI State Police, the Department of Health, the Hospital Association of Rhode Island, RIAC Police and Aircraft Rescue and Firefighters, City of Warwick Police and Fire, as well as mutual aid units from area fire departments. Federal, state and local agencies will be responding accordingly, as well as area hospitals that will be receiving victims and evaluating their injuries.

To find out more about how to become a Disaster Volunteer contact Jes Matta at Serve Rhode Island, 401-331-2298 ext. 112.

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