SRI's Bold New Volunteer Recruitment Effort: The Human Kind Experiment

See Op-Ed in 1/6/12 Providence Journal.

In an all-out effort to increase Rhode Island's rate of volunteerism, at least to the national average, Serve Rhode Island has launched a 3-year campaign to eliminate the "volunteer deficit" of 17,500 volunteers.  The scope of this three-year recruitment Experiment will grow to reach all sectors of need in the community and the environment.  
The Experiment will be initially focused on addressing the needs of failing students in RI's public schools with the Call to Service 2012.  

Read more about The Human Kind Experiment and the Call to Service 2012 and renew your commitment to volunteer service. 

We are currently recruiting volunteers to fill 300 opportunities for the 7 different volunteer positions in Roger Williams and Gilbert Stuart Middle Schools:  School Hall Monitors, School Greeters, Mentor/Tutor Group Leaders, Parent Zone Coordinators, Youth Engagement/Service Learning Coordinators and Service Project Coordinators.  A commitment of 3 to 5 hours per month, on a scheduled basis, will be requested of each volunteer who participates in this specific opportunity.  See School Model.  Adjustments to this basic models will be developed with other schools throughout the state.

Join this effort by signing up today.

Also, please consider supporting this effort by making an on-line donation to Serve Rhode Island.  (Just click the "DONATE" button in the upper right corner of this page.)  

We need all Rhode Islanders to join us!

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