Corporate and Group Service Project FAQs

Q: What does SRI service project management mean?

A: Serve Rhode Island provides a unique service by acting as the liaison between the volunteer group and the organization being served. This includes everything from identifying projects and providing the necessary supplies all the way through to project management on the day of the project.

Q: What is the typical size of a volunteer group?

A: The average size is about 20 volunteers, but we’ve worked with as little as 5 volunteers and as many as a couple hundred! Serve Rhode Island is here to help your group determine what is realistic given the size of your group.

Q: What are some common service projects?

A: Physical service projects in schools and environmental clean ups are the most popular service projects that we manage. Groups usually perform activities such as painting, landscaping, cleaning, and other beautification projects to improve the interior and/or exterior of schools and nonprofits.

Q: What is the difference between physical service and direct service?

A: Physical service projects include painting, landscaping and other beautification projects. Direct service is when the volunteer group works directly with the population that a nonprofit agency serves, for example, reading to Pre-K students at a head start agency.

Q: Will I gain new skills when I participate group service project?

A: Yes! This may be your first time painting or using a weedwacker, but you will definitely gain new skills and also learn more about your coworkers and the nonprofit or school where the project takes place.

Q: What if I have location preferences?

A: We have relationships with nonprofit agencies throughout the state and will do our best to fit a project that finds your location preferences. Serve Rhode Island conducts assessments with nonprofits across the state to build its inventory of needs in the community.

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