Environment & Disaster Relief

Disaster relief volunteers

Since 2010, Serve Rhode Island has played an integral role in recruiting and mobilizing volunteers to benefit the environment and in times of natural disasters.

Types of activities:

  • Annual Roger Williams Park Cleanup and other park beautification activities

  • Dune grass plantings 

  • Initial disaster response efforts that include assisting with volunteer call-in centers, cleaning up debris

  • Long term disaster response efforts include mucking out homes, environmental restoration and plantings


  •  Serve Rhode Island recruited and mobilized 1,200 volunteers during Hurricane Sandy relief efforts

  • In 2013, 247 volunteers removed approximately 7,000 pounds of trash from the waterways of Roger Williams Park’s 

  • Over the last five years, a total of 1,143 volunteers have contributed 3,429 hours of service cleaning up Roger Williams Park


Sign up today to become a Serve Rhode Island disaster volunteer!

  • Register with Serve Rhode Island's Volunteer Portal

  • When registering, select “Yes, we may contact you in the event of a disaster”

  • You will be contacted directly by our staff in the lead up to and during an actual disaster




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